TigerKlout.com- Defining Social and Online Currency

TigerKlout.com- Defining Social and Online Currency


Oh what a “badge of honor” it is to those who place the (LION) after their name on LinkedIn. At first thought one would assume it is a “group” designation or even a certification. For those who are in the know, this is just a term that caught on and has built to popularity for “LinkedIn Open Networker’s” (LION)’s and anyone can use it. BUT, are the “LION”s really “INFLUENTIAL”, I mean what value…

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How Perspective Influences Our World

How Perspective Influences Our World

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In my life I have been truly blessed to have the privilege to work with, try out and develop my many different talents, skills and interests. Those that know me well can assure you tath I am definitely among the “bold” and “fearless” when it comes to trying and learning something I find an interest in. To those that do not know me so well, I have been told I come off as a bit arrogant, a little…

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