The Value of Competition

The Value of Competition

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Part 1: The Tough Questions

As both a former competitive athlete and a professional coach I can say, without hesitation or mental reservation, that the absolute thrill of competition is something I truly love-the preparation of setting benchmark goals, building a training plan, strategically implementing the plan to achieve benchmark goals, the reassessments of the goal and plan and, YES, the…

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A Chimp in Constant Confusion and a BBQ Pit??? Lost??? Me too…

A Chimp in Constant Confusion and a BBQ Pit??? Lost??? Me too…


mobileConfused? No worries, you are not alone! Aside from writing articles and content like this, I do A LOT of networking. The “solo-preneur” and small business owner reign supreme in many of these groups, with the hot topic being pounded into their heads, “automate and build an email list IF you want to succeed…”

Now I will be the first to admit that this is fundamentally true. To keep up with a now…

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What would life be like without “connectors”? At first thought, I bet you visualized a device or gizmo that could put two things together…wire, rope, wood, metal, cars…PEOPLE…hmmmmm….stop there…revisit! PEOPLE…??? What if we didn’t have PEOPLE that loved to connect PEOPLE for the benefit of, well, PEOPLE!

Think about that… No connectors. Now honestly to even begin to think of life without we…

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The Heart…May be BEST to Follow it!

The Heart…May be BEST to Follow it!

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While doing cardio the other day I was reading a Facebook post from a friend that said, “To find TRUE love you must first LOVE YOURSELF unconditionally”… That made me think… How many, because of the romantic movies and love songs, take the age old saying “follow your heart” as a “literal” expression that is undeniably true and factual?


With a background as a Professional Coach you can understand…

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And the Answer Is…

And the Answer Is…

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Dreams… Are they just teasers from the subconscious that are brought about by actions, issues or events in our lives? Are these visions and pictures that dwell inside each and everyone of us producing desire, want and need? Dreams…things to shy away from? Or are they?

Follow Your Dreams Wave

Goals… Every New Year the “resolutions” and goals abound! Are these just “time fillers” or, in some cases, “time wasters”? From…

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